Our Products

Eichrom commercialized its breakthrough chemical separation techniques in the 1990s. Today, accredited laboratories and regulatory agencies worldwide trust Eichrom’s line of analytical-chemistry products, all developed through the expertise of our team of dedicated chemists.

Product NameApplications*
AccessoriesPlastic accessories for columns and cartridges product infopart numbers
Resolve™ FiltersAlpha spectroscopy source preparation technical info part numbers
Resolve™ PTFE FiltersRadiological Air Monitoringtechnical infopart numbers
Actinide ResinGroup actinide separations/gross alpha measurements technical info  part numbers 
Cl ResinCl, Itechnical infopart numbers
Cs ResinsCstechnical infopart numbers
Cu ResinCutechnical infopart numbers
DGA ResinsActinids, Lanthanides, Y, Ratechnical infopart numbers
Diphonix® ResinActinides and transition metals technical info part numbers
Ion Exchange
Analytical grade cation and anion exchange resins technical info part numbers
Ln ResinsLanthanides, Ra-228 technical info part numbers
MnO2 ResinRatechnical infopart numbers
Nickel ResinNi technical info part numbers
Pb ResinPb technical info part numbers
Pre-filter ResinOrganics removal technical info part numbers
RE ResinTh, U, Np, Pu, Am, Cm, rare earth elements technical info part numbers
Sr ResinSr, Pbtechnical infopart numbers
TEVA® ResinTc, Th, Np,Pu, Am/lanthanidestechnical infopart numbers
Tritium Column³H technical info part numbers
TRU ResinFe,Th, Pa, U, Np,Pu, Am, Cmtechnical infopart numbers
UTEVA® ResinTh,U,Np, Putechnical infopart numbers

*Primary applications shown inblue.

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