NPO’s T-Flex® products maximize shielding effectiveness while keeping the weight to a minimum. Ideal for applications that require custom moldable shapes along with flexibility, such as small bore pipe, elbows and valves. T-Flex® products are available as blankets, ribbon wrap, pipe shields, floor tiles, magnetic tiles, and molded shapes—flexible or rigid. Fasteners/securing methods are available and include magnets, grommets and HRA locking devices. Tungsten, Bis-muth, Neutron, and Iron attenuating materials are available.


Highly flexible strips. These ribbons can be spiral wrapped around components for a quick “hot spot” solution. Standard length is 8 feet and material can be easily cut in the field using typical cutting tools.

Pipe Shields

Ideal for small bore pipe applications. Engineered to be within weight limitations while maximizing attenuation. Cinch straps are include for each section of pipe shielding.

T-Flex Blankets

An alternative to lead blankets, similar attenuation characteristics without the lead hazard. T-Flex Blankets can be cut in the field using a utility knife, but can stand up to normal wear and tear. Increased flexibility over a standard lead blanket allows for wrapping shielding closer to the source and easier handling characteristics.

Floor Tiles

Designed to provide economical and ergonomic solutions for shielding sources below. Each tile combines the attenuation properties of T-Flex® with the durability of a work mat. They also can be cut for in field adjustments. The floor shielding features a non-slip diamond tread surface.


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