ALARA Shielding Assessments

At NPO, we understand that reducing the dose expenditure associated with the installation of temporary shielding materials, improving the effectiveness of all applied shielding and implementing permanent shielding are critical to your ALARA goals. Providing proven services and products that address these needs is our mission.

The NPO team has participated in literally hundreds of successful ALARA Shield Solution projects during our 30 years in business. Our customers benefit from the accumulated knowledge; often the effective and efficient implementation of a dose source reduction project at one plant site is applicable at a sister site or like reactor types.

Based on customer suggestions that plant-wide shielding reviews would be valuable for both troubleshooting and for developing ALARA planning goals, NPO has launched a new capability, the ALARA Expert Assessment Program. Our goal with this service is to collaborate with your ALARA team to review your shielding, plant- or system-wide, and provide recommendations that will advance your source/term objectives.

A typical engagement involves these steps:

  • Review plant shield packages and their specific area dose reduction goals
  • Interview plant personnel and categories the dose contributing sources/areas into levels of effectiveness of the applied shielding, also including dose sources/areas that have yet to be addressed
  • Walk-down and document all areas of plant with known dose contributors
  • Provide a Report that catalogs existing shielding applications, with recommendation and references of shielding solutions NPO has implemented at other sites.
  • Collaborate with plant team to devise a prioritized listing of opportunities and identify those requiring cost/benefit reviews.

ALARA (Shielding) Assessment Walk-down and Assessment Summary Report

The following is the typical walk-down agenda:

  1. Review existing shielding programs and, if practical before the actual walk-down, categorize the dose contributors and shielding applications into (a) improve existing temporary shielding packages, (b) replace/clean up existing temporary packages that have become permanent and already have an engineering review/approval, (c) dose contributors that have yet to be addressed and (d) possible permanent shielding opportunities.
  2. Walk-down all areas of plant that have known dose contributors, including High-Rad Areas. With a plant-furnished digital camera, document all shielding applications as well as areas in which shielding is needed. Taking notes and dimensional measurements throughout the process.
  3. Provide an ALARA Expert Assessment Report that catalogs existing shielding packages and areas of opportunity in a photo matrix that includes a description of each area accompanied by a suggestion of possible improvements with specific references to the accompanied “Reference Guide” which illustrates dozens of ALARA Shielding Solutions.
  4. After plant personnel have reviewed the report, we work with them to develop a priority list. NPO will then provide a more detailed description of the suggested shielding application(s) along with an estimate of the cost/benefit.

Call NPO to discuss our ALARA Expert Assessment Program. We look forward to learning of your shielding opportunities and sharing our 30+ years of experience implementing effective ALARA solution.